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(Re-) Registration

You recently bought a new vehicle, took it out of your garage or woke it from its winter sleep, and now you would like to register it?

Contact us today and leave the quick and uncomplicated registration of your vehicle to us.

​Waiting times at registration offices are usually long and your time is much too precious to deal with tiresome waiting times?
In this situation we will help you out und, if needed, we will take care of the entire process of registering and re-registering your vehicle.

The following documents are required:

  • signed application for registration & proxy

  • signed SEPA direct debit mandate

  • Fahrzeugschein / part I of registration certificate

  • Fahrzeugbrief / part II of registration certificate

  • valid TÜV certificate

  • ID card or passport with certificate of registration

  • electronic confirmation of insurance (eVB) – insurance comparison possible,
    re-registration of business (in case of business ownership) if applicable


  •  trade register excerpt and company stamp (in case of legal entity) if applicable

    download application for registration
    , download SEPA direct debit mandate

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